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The Chihuahuan Desert



Chihuahuan Desert, is the biggest desert in North America, extends beginning from Mexico into parts of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. . The Chihuahuan contains mountains. Nearby the desert have woodlands.

Chihuahuan desert animals



Chihuahuan Desert Animal "Bighorn Sheep"



Big horn sheep is well known as a chihuahuan desert animal. This Sheep which can be founded in Chihuahuan deserts. The sheep make use of its sharp horns to rip into cacti and find the insects inside the plants of the desert to eat them. The sheep breathe heavily to stay cool in the Chihuahuan desert high temperature.

Chihuahuan Desert Animal "Bighorn Sheep"



Chihuahuan Desert's Coyote



Chihuahuan Desert animals includes a mammal naming Coyote, it further eats insects inside plants of the desert, Reptiles such as Lizards to survive. This Chihuahuan Desert animal is a quick runner and eat its Prey easily.

Chihuahuan Desert's Coyote


Kangaroo Rat

Kangaroo-rat is also listed in Chihuahuan Desert animals. These kind of kangaroo rats convert waterless seeds to wet seed through which they are able to live in Chihuahuan desert high temperature. These Rats survive in burrows and appear outside from their home probably at midnight and early morning.

Chihuahuan Desert Animal kangroo rat



Roadrunner, a well known Chihuahuan desert animal bird. This bird is able to run almost 15 mp/hr and catches its prey which can be insects and lizards. They fly very rare but sometimes when fly, it is generally for a small distance and they remain near to surface throughout their flying.

Chihuahuan Desert Animal roadrunner



Lion Mountain


Mountain lions are a small number of large predators which live in Chihuahuan desert at mountain ranges. This Chihuahuan desert animal hunts by himself & is  night hunter animal. It sleeps in crevice, caves and underbrush.

Chihuahuan Desert Animal mountain lion




The lizard is also the Chihuahuan Reptile also known as a Boomer of Mountain. This reptile move rapidly and can be found in light of day inside the small holes of hills and under ground holes.

The horned lizard moves at sand and under the surface. Mostly the Ants are eaten by them.

Chihuahuan Desert Animal lizard



Red Spot Toad


The red spot toad an amphibians that is included in Chihuahuan desert animals. The baby toads doze underneath the earth and wake up during major rain to mate earlier than going back underneath the land. They can be usually found beside desert streams and pools.

Chihuahuan Desert Animal red-spotted toad


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